Life in Cyprus: 2001

January - a fourth cat adopted us, and we had constant running mains water at last!

February - cold, rain, then a little warmth and an attempt to tame the back garden

March - signs of Spring, Orthodox traditions in Lent, Sophia catching a snake

April - Easter, mosquitoes, loquats, bougainvillea, and problems with the strimmer

May - red and pink flowers, summer arrives

June - Kataklysmos, hot weather, trying to plan our trip through Europe, driving through and seeing some wonderful sights!

July - In the UK, seeing family and friends

August - returning from Europe, struggling through Customs, dealing with a phone problem, suffering a heatwave

September - camping in the mountains; new activities for the boys; washing machine problems

October - bedding plants in the garden and a trip to Kritou Terra

November - cold, wet weather, installing ADSL, organ lessons for Tim

December - yet more rain, grey skies, and many Christmas activities

Photo gallery 2001 - small photos (linked to larger views) with brief descriptions of life throughout 2001

Newsletter 2001 - our annual Christmas newsletter