Family newsletters

There are a lot of pages on this site, with lengthy descriptions of what we did, what we learned, where we went, and so on, since moving to Cyprus.

If you would prefer an overview of our life here, you could peruse our newsletters instead, which were sent out to family and friends every Christmas and (in the first couple of years) also in Summer. The links below take you to online copies of them all.

          2018 newsletter a new boat, a visit to Panama and a lot of cake

2017 newsletter special birthdays, a long summer visit from the family

2016 newsletter extensive work on the house, yet more about cats...

2015 newsletter more about cats, family and travelling

2014 newsletter our first grandson, two new kittens, Tim in a flat

2013 newsletter family gatherings, loss of Sue's mother, Tim back in Cyprus

2012 newsletter Richard on sabbatical, many more changes in our family

2011 newsletter Daniel's wedding and Tim's graduation were the highlights

2010 newsletter 50th birthday, 30th anniversary, and an engagement

2009 newsletter a new boat, new girlfriends for the boys, new friends, new games

2008 newsletter more changes as we became empty nesters in 2008

2007 newsletter another month-by-month description of the year

2006 newsletter major changes for all of us in this year, with a lot of goodbyes

2005 newsletter an A-Z [or rather, A-G] account of the year just for a change

2004 newsletter focusing on each family member briefly during the year

2003 newsletter taking a month at a time again - whizzing through 2003

2002 newsletter what the year meant to our family in various ways

2001 newsletter our European adventure, cats, home education and more

2000 newsletter brief month by month overview of the year

1999 newsletter overview of the year, season by season

May 1999 newsletter mid-year update of the first part of 1999

1998 newsletter general overview of the first full year in Cyprus

June 1998 newsletter detailed update of what we had done so far

1997 newsletter very brief; announcing our move to Cyprus

1996 newsletter still in the UK, now seriously considering a move to Cyprus

1995 newsletter while still in the UK, wondering where our next move would be