Newsletter: Christmas 1997

For those who don’t already know - we’re now living in Cyprus for two years, while Richard works with a video ministry.  From complete lack of direction a year ago we’ve come a long way - much of 1997 seemed slow-moving, but the Summer was hectic as we planned and sorted, and did redecorating which should have been done years ago!

Our house in England is being borrowed by a local Church, and will have an Australian family living there for 1998.  We also completed the computer course for primary school teachers which was successfully used by our boys’ school, and is currently being advertised and published by the school.  If you know anyone who is interested in this, please let us know!

The boys seemed to get busier and busier with their various activities, mainly musical but with Cubs and Scouts featuring as well.  Daniel passed his Grade 3 clarinet exam in the Summer, while Timothy passed Grade 1 piano.  Both continued singing and playing recorders as well, Daniel delighted to learn both tenor and bass recorder when he joined the school consort in September. With such a full schedule it was a wrench to leave everything behind when we eventually departed at the end of October.

One of Richard’s colleagues is giving the boys piano lessons (we have been lent a lovely piano while we’re here!) and they’re both beginning to get involved in music in the Church we’re attending, but we have yet to find a recorder group, a clarinet teacher, or Scouting organisations.  Sue is ‘home-schooling’ since the local schools are not currently suitable, however we’re looking at secondary options for Daniel for next September.  Both boys miss St Francis School badly, and Tim in particular would like to be in school again if we could find one.

Richard is glad to be back in the TV world and has found his years of computer experience extremely useful as he struggles to understand the equipment, which has changed radically in recent years.  He is beginning to learn Arabic, and is managing to get up for an 8.30 meeting every morning, which is not easy!

We are living in a large house with a huge back garden; it needs some redecorating work, which Richard is slowly doing, but has plenty of space for visitors.  Let us know when you want to come and stay!  We moved in on November 8th, but most of our luggage, which came by sea, didn’t arrive until a week ago due to various delays. We were very glad to see it at last, particularly glad to have our computers and some more books to read.

Please do keep in touch - we particularly appreciate mail here, electronic or in the post.. We hope this will reach you in time for Christmas; if not, then Happy New Year!

Richard, Sue, Daniel and Timothy