Photographs of our life in Cyprus

This site describes, from personal perspective, our family experiences in moving to Cyprus, at the end of 1997.  You can find the journal pages via the Cyprus living pages, each of which links to some photos. If you just want to see the photo galleries without the lengthy descriptions of what we did, you can find them via the following pages:

1997-1998 Cyprus photos index
1999 Cyprus photos index
2000 Cyprus photos index
2001 Cyprus photos index

2002 Cyprus photos index
2003 Cyprus photos index
2004 Cyprus photos index
2005 Cyprus photos index

On each page there are thumbnail size photographs with brief descriptions. You can click on any of them to be taken to a page with bigger versions of the photos for that month, and can then move forwards or backwards through the photo galleries.

2005 is described more randomly with photos here and there in my Cyprus life blog, with the most recent entries at the top.  From July 2005 I stopped updating this site with new content, since I was recording far more on my blog.  In July 2005 we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and came, pretty much, to an end of our home education.