Home education diary, July 2003

July 1st

The boys were out all morning helping at the Bible club, then rushed back to change to go out swimming afterwards. Then they had to go out again in the evening - a Bible study at six o'clock with the visiting team from the USA, followed by the Lighthouse group for International students, where Daniel helps and Tim plays guitar to lead the singing. Dan is still feeling very tired. I wish I could help him get more energy. I wonder if he needs more protein, being a vegetarian - he doesn't even like eggs much.

July 18th

Last weekend was the home educators' camp at Troodos. In the event it was only us and one other family for the whole time, plus two girls for a couple of nights. Another family came for the whole day on Saturday, and again on Sunday, but didn't stay in the camp; someone else came for the Saturday with her son.

We didn't do anything particularly structured - just hung out together, did some music, and played games, and read books. So nice to get away from the humidity of Larnaka.

Rather to my surprise, the boys are still doing bits of ACE work. Tim did a test for Etymology today, and is going to do the last one in the module next week.  He's half way through his maths test (algebra) and much to his disgust will have to finish that this afternoon.

Daniel did a test for Social Studies yesterday, and to my surprise said he'd do another. He seems quite happy to keep on with bits of ACE during the summer.  He's working on an Old Testament pace and says he is at least going to finish that and the next one so he'll be at the end of level 1, at last! 

We're still waiting for three more biology videos, which they need to watch for level 1, and may then order the rest while we're in the UK in September.  There won't be a whole lot to send off this year as the boys will only have done about 46 academic paces each.  Still,  Dan did his clarinet exam which counts as a level 2 elective, and his drama exam which could count as level 3 elective, if he does level 3.

They've both done lots of music this year, too. Tim is now being the main pianist at Larnaka Community Church. They've also learned some sign language, and Tim has learned a lot about theatre sound and lighting.

So, in one sense the ACE isn't so important. Home education is much more than formal academic studies, after all. Dan would still like to finish level 2 by Christmas, but I'm not sure if he will. He only has to do four more English, and I think five more geometry, but he also has eight social studies paces, eight science, and all twelve of the NT Church history to do.  Plus of course the Abeka Art, but that's such a nice course it's not really difficult - I think he's done three of those already.

Our home educating friend in Limassol has suggested that Daniel might like to work for a couple of weeks on the book-ship MV Doulos which will be docked in Larnaka for a fortnight at the end of November. They like to have 'port volunteers', apparently, and he's very keen on the idea - it would certainly be a new experience. Besides that, we'll be in the UK for almost all of September. So I'm not entirely sure how he's going to get it all done, even if he does do some more over the summer - but don't wish to be discouraging!

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