Life in Cyprus: 2005

January: Wet but not too cold. Lots of citrus fruit, putting out bedding plants.

February: A chilly patch, problems with the heating, more rain....

March: new sofas, work in the garden, minor problems with electricity and water

April: Strawberries, gardening, water problems, visiting a new supermarket

May: Greek Easter, May Day parade, loquats, feral kittens and some torrential rain

June: warmer weather, kittens to Cat Sanctuary, Daniel joins the Doulos!

July: a mini-cruise of Greek islands, our 25th Anniversary, hot weather

August: - Summer came to an end, Daniel returned, the trees got a haircut. Posts on my blog, so the most recent are at the top

September: Richard buys a second-hand dinghy, we think about moving house and prepare to visit the UK (from the blog again)

October: Not really about Cyprus at all, since we spent most of the month in the UK. Blog photos and entries

November: We started house-hunting and waited for our sea-freight from the UK. Posts from my blog.

December: concerts, and other Christmas activities as usual, described on my blog

Christmas newsletter:  summary of the year, sent to family and friends

Photo Gallery 2005:  photos from the monthly pages with brief descriptions and links to bigger versions