Life in Cyprus: 2002

January - cold weather, a bit of gardening and a new lawnmower

February - new drama group for Daniel, lots more gardening, a little warmer

March - music, drama, more unusual weather and a visit from Sue's parents

April - cold and grey, visitors, drama productions, and the water tank replaced

May - Eastern Easter, pleasant weather, lovely fruit, nasty insects

June - hot weather, camp in the mountains, planning for the summer

July - short trip to England, hot weather, indoors in the air conditioning

August - hot and humid, jigsaws, Tim's confirmation

September - weather still hot, Tim's birthday, we start re-painting the house

October - roof really mended, cooler weather, re-painting several rooms

November - Daniel's baptism, visit from Richard's mother, seeing Paphos, cooler weather, more septic tank problems and a car saga

December - Frog Prince première, car and septic tank repaired, chiropractor visits, extreme cold weather

Photo Gallery 2002 - summary of the year in small pictorial form with links to larger pictures and the monthly journals

Christmas newsletter 2002 - general news from the whole year, sent out to family and friends