Life in Cyprus: 1997-1998

October 1997: saying goodbye to friends and family, packing up our UK house, flying to Cyprus, sleeping!

November 1997: experiencing the warmer climate, beginning home education, finding a house, learning our way around, our first overnight guests

December 1997:our first Christmas in Cyprus - carol concert, Christmas Eve singing, Sunday School services, a walk in the sunshine!

January 1998: settling in, home education, church life, surprisingly cold weather, lemon trees and lemonade

February 1998: our first visitors come to stay for a week, a clarinet teacher for Daniel, a cub pack for Tim, and some sunshine

March 1998: lack of water due to the drought, a feeble attempt at taming the garden, plans for the summer

April 1998: changeable weather, more visitors, fruit in the garden: loquats and mulberries

May 1998: a postal strike, experimenting with mulberry jam, Kataklysmos week, more summer plans

June 1998: microwave problems, getting to know some of the feral kittens, increasing heat, music for the boys

August 1998: heat, humidity, and a new kitten to rear

September 1998: the boys' activities start again, pomegranates ripen, the first rain of the season falls

October 1998: home education, guitar lessons, a growing kitten, cooler weather

November 1998: winter arrives, Christmas approaches, the youth group flourishes

December 1998: carol-singing in local hotels, Cleo vanishes, and an unusual Christmas day

Photo gallery 1997-1998 - small photos (linked to larger views) with brief descriptions of life from the time we moved to Cyprus in October 1997 and also 1998

December 1997 newsletter: our Christmas newsletter for the end of 1997

June 1998 newsletter: extra newsletter describing our first few months in Cyprus

December 1998 newsletter: our Christmas newsletter for the end of 1998