Life in Cyprus: 1999

January: a big filming project for Richard and a nasty flu bug for the family, a surprise from Cleo

February: recovering from flu, trying to tame the garden, three kittens are born

March: the kittens grow, the boys have many activities, the weather warms up

April: a new DIY store opens just outside Nicosia, we celebrate two Easters, we have more visitors, lose one kitten, and have changeable weather

May: the two remaining kittens start to grow up, our silkworms die, we instal an air conditioner

June: life becomes more settled, at last we meet other home educators on the island

July: a fortnight in the mountains, kitchen appliances break down, heat and humidity

August: a rainstorm, improvement in the garden, work for the boys, and future plans

September: retreat in the mountains, new skills for the boys, Cleo finds a 'cat-door'

October: birthday plans, music activities, antics of the kittens

November: friends visit, a new family arrives, weather cools, plans change, and a broken arm

December: getting ready for the carol concert, and our trip to the UK

1999 photo gallery: photos from 1999 with brief descriptions and links to larger versions of the photos.

May 1999 newsletter: sent out to family and friends with an emphasis on Richard's work

Christmas 1999 newsletter: summary of the year, as sent out to family and friends at Christmas-time